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32173 Government Road,
Damascus, VA

The Damascus Brewery


From simple beginnings 12 years ago as a college student playing with home breweing to a new brewery in the small town of Damascus, Virginia, The Damascus Brewery operates on the belief that beer brings people together and though this social lubricant people are able to communicate and share ideas uninhibited.

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Beaver Rage IPA like hoppy beers do ya? Think you can handle it eh? Well you’re in for one hell of a hop experience. Beaver Rage IPA is known as the IPA for people who don't like IPAs because it is super hoppy --BUT NOT BITTER! The superstar hop lineup includes Summit, Willamette, CTZ, and Nugget.


Beaver Fever Porter

Dark rich flavors such as coffee and chocolate abound in this Porter style beer.  Hops are there, but definitely take a backseat to the robust nature of the roasted malts.  "I've got a fever--and the only cure is MORE Beaver Fever"